Underneath this site is an archeological dig. I have buried the three layers that went before and shifted from Drupal to Concrete5, which installs a full site with sample material including blogs, and it was up and running in 24 hours. You are supposed to replace the material and design a site before you publish but I am going to do bottom up development and arrive at a design later, maybe. Here are some snippets. Virtual Grotto, Pasteboards and Trajectory have stuff.

Last man standing - Alex Bramwell

With really difficult problems you can't begin to understand the problem until you know all the ways of solving it because until you know all the ways of solving it you don't have the information required to understand the problem

- Mumford and Pettigrew

Theory unravels the ground on which it stands until the theorist arrives at potentiality, moving from criticism to critique to criticality, a critically positioned way of seeing.

- Irit Rogoff

Normal science operates in a paradigm. The question addressed by science is in principle undecidable but a paradigm restricts a scientist to decidable questions so that it is easier to explain related issues. Kuhn calls this process puzzle-solving.

A paradigm shift involves an act of faith that the new paradigm will succeed with various large problems that confront it, knowing only that the older paradigm has failed.

It is also a metaphysical act. Normal science is predicated on the assumption that the scientific community knows what the world is like. Much of the success of the enterprise derives from the community’s willingness to defend that assumption, if necessary at considerable cost, by attempting to force nature into the preformed and relatively inflexible box that the paradigm supplies.

- Thomas Kuhn

If the style of a sundial represents a person's way of being in the world, their orientation and alignment, then we can talk about the style of a person, her deftness and lightness of touch, her spirit-filled presence, the play of light and shadow that creates actual space, time and sensations. We can see that, within Divine Providence, she gives herself in her own way, in paradigms of goodness, truth, beauty and unity that lead others to fulfil their potential. Her sacramental actions actualise the inexhaustible creative potentialities of revelation so that the times in which she lives come alive with the life of the historical and risen Christ.

- Mission statement of a religious Institute

The Greeks founded the science of geometry and so, when the sundial was introduced from Babylon in 560 BC, they were able to develop many of its principles and forms. Not only that, it was the concept that interested them. The sundial reflects the way we are situated in the world and how we think. In the letter to the Galatians, Paul uses the name for the numbers on a sundial to describe the basics taught by a child-care worker: the abc, tying shoes, telling the time, the days, and months, and seasons, and years. The Galatians looked to a pedagogue to tell them about these things. Paul tells them they are being led around by a child-care worker and so have the mental age and emotional maturity of a child.

Paul uses the image of the sundial to talk about the elements of this world, 'everything under the sun,' and proposes his own paradigm shift. He advocates that we change the controlling principle of our lives. Something new was introduced by the crucifixion of Christ and it is opposed to everything under the sun. The opposition of the unknown to the known produces a dynamic, creative emptiness in which form comes into matter.

The Greek term Theoria is primarily associated with seeing the various planes, shapes and textures that express themselves throughout nature. In Eastern Orthodox churches it means contemplation and is associated with the prayer of the heart and the love of beauty, which is considered to be higher than the love of wisdom.

Nicholas of Cusa (1400s) had his own personal copy of John Scotus Eriugena's (800s) translation of Pseudo Dionysius the Areopagite (400s), and so Cusanus was able to reach back and develop his own Neoplatonism, or 'dipolarity' as we would call it. Eriugena's familiarity with early Greek Christianity and Theoria enabled Cusanus to develop his own concept of a metaphor, something from the known that helps us explore the unknown. Eriugena's Divisions of Nature sometimes shade and sometimes reveal, or as Merleau-Ponty puts it, experience takes place in a milieu. The mouse in The Metropolitan Museum of Art is affected by the crumbs of cookies on the floor, but not by the Velázquez painting on the wall. In the milieu of the mouse, the crumb is desirable and the painting does not exist. John Henry Newman says that if a dog walks into the room while we are having a conversation, from that aspect the dog does not exist.

Art galleries use directional microphones/speakers to create a milieu that a person steps into in order to interact with the artwork. Lighting a candle in a grotto is a theurgy that activates a presence. A virtual grotto would be a perspective in which a providential idea that is appropriate to the particular situation would create a dynamic form/matter interaction that leads to growth.

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If only God can bespeak Godself in literal terms, then we humans are graced with metaphors.

Nicholas of Cusa

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