The problem

Immediately after his election, before Easter 2013, Pope Francis called for a new evangelisation. An Australian Archbishop then said, "Evangelisation in the West is a difficult and complex problem". He didn't talk about the size of the problem but would you like to be in on a secret? It's a REALLY big problem, the biggest.

Each solution to the problem provides some feedback that contributes to the understanding of the larger problem. The particular piece of the puzzle to be considered here is the survival of God in a digital age. The mathematician, Brian Rotman, says that the digital medium has destroyed written text and Jacques Derrida's statement 'There is no outside to the text'  has destroyed the Jewish God of literature, and this means that the concept of God will either take a completely new form or disappear altogether.

Church teaching relies on ideas but you can't store an idea on a computer and you can't store wisdom on a computer. The computer is the machine of the rationalist. More specifically, it is an expression of Logical Positivism, a failed philosophy that has been defeated in both science and humanities. You cannot store an idea on a computer because, in every instance of computer programming, words refer to things. The idea of a computer is therefore a defective concept that has run its course. These defects can be addressed by providing a context for the influences that gave rise to the computer and by exposing the limitations of computer design.


Ontologies and Ontology