Underneath this site is an archeological dig. I have buried the three layers that went before and shifted from Drupal to Concrete5, which installs a full site with sample material including blogs, and it was up and running in 24 hours. You are supposed to replace the material and design a site before you publish but I am going to do bottom up development and arrive at a design later, maybe. Here are some snippets. Virtual Grotto, Pasteboards and Trajectory have stuff.


Postmodernists used Jacques Derrida's statement 'There is no outside to the text' to destroy other people's work but Derrida wasn't part of Team Postmodernism, he was a philosopher. It is said of Derrida that he was the only modern mind to understand the importance of the apophatic way of Pseudo Dionysius the Areopagite for deconstruction.

He said that mystics were involved in a necessary self-deception.

Theologians and mystics will insist that God is unknowable and then write volumes about the nature of God.

There is no outside to the text - Jacques Derrida

The statement, which occurs in his book Grammatology, can only be true inside that text.

He is involved in a necessary self-deception.