Underneath this site is an archeological dig. I have buried the three layers that went before and shifted from Drupal to Concrete5, which installs a full site with sample material including blogs, and it was up and running in 24 hours. You are supposed to replace the material and design a site before you publish but I am going to do bottom up development and arrive at a design later, maybe. Here are some snippets. Virtual Grotto, Pasteboards and Trajectory have stuff.

The Story

The Punchline

There's a story about three Jewish ladies, where the last one is explaining why she spends so much money on her psychiatrist. Although I don't remember the story, the punchline goes: "But he says 'Uhuh!' so divinely".

The story

There is a story about three Jewish rabbis. They are all named Rabbi something-ben-something. I don't remember the names so you will have to fill them in. A very long time ago, the first rabbi went out into the forest to the sacred place, lit the sacred fire and told the sacred story, and God blessed the people. He grew old and died and the next rabbi went to the sacred place and said "Forgive me God, I don't remember how to light the sacred fire" but he told the sacred story, and God blessed the people. The next rabbi said, "Forgive me God. I don't know how to light the sacred fire and I don't know the sacred place but I do know the sacred story," and God blessed the people - because God loves stories.

In our society, where we have forgotten the sacred, the high priests who mediate the divine to us are the psychiatrists, who do so by saying 'Uhuh!'.

The application

People make a pilgrimage called the Camino, which goes from some place in Europe to some other place in Europe. Apparently you don't have to believe in anything and you don't have to know why you are doing it and it doesn't matter how far you go. It is the doing that matters. There are traditional things you might like to do along the way and at the end there is a statue that you might like to touch, or not. You may choose instead to look at the ocean.

Apparently the statue is of St James the Apostle and the place marks the spot where he landed in Europe. If we take it that the Church itself has collapsed and its pieties mean nothing to people, then doing the Camino is extreme tourism. If we take it that people have woken up from the dream that was the Church and now seek the Dreamer not the dream, then they do the Camino to get back to the faith of the Apostles, to Christ and whatever it was he brought.

I would like to rediscover the grotto, where people light the sacred fire of a candle and have their prayers answered by the sacred presence, and find out how the grotto applies in a digital age. I would like to go beyond the 'Uhuh!' of the psychiatrist and find out how to use a computer to create theurgies that communicate paradigms of goodness, truth, beauty and unity that lead others to fulfil their potential.

The cathedral of Chartres has a maze that you pass before reaching the altar. If you take it that we need some preparation before approaching the liturgy, then we could create a maze of virtual grottos, each one a milieu where a person can come into contact with the wisdom and charism of a religious Institute.